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1) This is a community to talk about Avon and their products. Meet girls who also love make-up and Avon products.

2)THIS IS NOT A COMMUNITY FOR AVON REPS TO SELL THEIR MAKEUP. I'm sorry but alot of communities are turning into that. This is my community and I'm an Avon rep, therefore bellaangele and myself, blondeqt505, might sell things here and there. I did hear about a community being started to sell/swap makeup and I'll let ppl know about that. ;) So sorry girls...NO PRODUCT SELLING.

3) This will be a sight where we will update about the newest stuff and promotions and feel free to share any if you've heard about them. =D

If there are any problems w/in the community please get in contact with me (destiny05@excite.com) or bellaangele (hause1nm@cmich.edu)

Enjoy girls!! =D